Caring for children

Peace of mind
We understand that for both parents and children hospitals can prove a challenging environment. Our aim is to make the experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We encourage you to contact us with any queries you may have and if you would like to look around the suite prior to admission this can be arranged.

Your child’s safety is paramount to us and we have a dedicated team of specialist paediatric nurses who are trained to care for very young children. You will of course be allowed to stay with our child overnight if you wish to do so. For day procedures the ward staff will try to accommodate you and your child in a single room whenever possible.

Prior to your child’s arrival at the Suite
Check that you have a supply of children’s paracetamol or ibuprofen at home.

Bathe or shower your child and dress them in loose, casual clothing (to avoid pressure on wounds after surgery).

Do not give your child anything to eat or drink after the time specified on your admission letter (doing so could cause risk of sickness after anaesthetic or result in a cancellation of the procedure).

Upon arrival, you and your child will be shown to your room. A nurse will weigh your child, take their temperature and make a note of any other medical details. The surgeon and anaesthetist will see all patients prior to procedure.

You are more than welcome to accompany your child whilst they are being anaesthetised.

Anaesthetic is usually given by injection to the back of the hand (following local anaesthetic cream also known as magic cream).

Gas can also be given to your child. This is done by holding a mask lightly over your child’s face until they become drowsy. Both methods are quick and can be administered whilst your child sits on your lap.

Following the procedure, your child will be taken straight to our Recovery Room. As soon as they begin to come around from the anaesthetic a Parkside nurse will contact them (you can accompany them if you wish). Children are often restless upon waking but will soon settle down again and sleep off the effects of the anaesthetic. All patients stay on the ward for at least three to four hours and the nurse will let you know when it is safe to take your child home.

Going Home
Before leaving we will ensure that you understand the nurses’ instructions regarding stitches, dressing, medication and any follow-up arrangements. The anaesthetic can take up to 24 hours to wear off and your child may remain drowsy during this time. At home, keep a close eye on your child and should you have any concerns contact the ward who will direct your query.

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